The Lux Fam is a group of students who are passionate about music ranging from its deep roots all the way to its current genres. Since lots of peeps in our entourage and worldwide are making music and needed a platform to share it, we came up with HPX. The HypePlat is all about giving a voice to the voiceless by highlighting their artwork.

Given that we have been studying the music industry for more than a decade, we believe that we are the right people to bring such a project to life. However, we decided to not make a random music platform/brand. You will get to see that HPX is more than that, Hyperluxer is a culture.

Our Mission & Vision 

Our mission is to provide young deserving artists with a platform that gives their artwork some attention and recognition

Our vision is to help artists break through the music industry. 


  •  Reliability: All of our HypeStories and tea spill come from transparent and relevant sources guaranteeing credibility of the information.

  • Quality: Everything we do is done in the best way possible or not done at all.

  • Passion: The entirety of our content is brought to you by the Lux Club, who eats, breathes, lives and sleeps the culture of music and arts.

  • Diversity: "Unity in diversity" is one of our mottos. We believe that our differences in culture, ethnicity, ideas and points of view make us stronger.

  • Positivity: Hyperluxer always strives to identify the best in people and situations. 

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