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How Can UnitedMasters Boost Your Music Career?

Hey LuxNation! Do you remember when artists had to hand out their CD’s and mixtapes on the street to get people to listen to them? Or when artists had to catch celebrities outside of restaurants to spit their freestyles, hoping to get signed? Fortunately, you do not have to do that anymore to gain exposure. Back in the days, only a small fraction of people could do music and live off it, but thanks to the digitalization of pretty much everything, making music has become more accessible than ever before.

Nowadays, you can get a cheap mic from Amazon and start recording music from your bedroom. Matter of fact, you do not even need valid lyrics anymore to make attractive music. All you can do is mumble a couple words with a catchy melody and you got yourself a hit. As an upcoming artist, you are probably trying to reach as much people as possible and start generating money to satisfy your needs and reinvest into better equipment. SoundCloud is always a good place to start but it does not pay you for your art. You probably also know that putting your music on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music could help you big time. As the current trend is to remain independent, rappers and singers are looking for ways to do all the above without signing to a label.

How can you do it without a record label?

We suggest you have a look at UnitedMasters. It is a company that was founded by Steve Stoute in 2017. The brand that advertises itself as a pocket record label received a $70 million funding from Alphabet, Google’s parent company. UM can be beneficial to you because it created an app that enables artists just like you to distribute their music on all platforms. It also takes care of collecting your money and paying you. The app takes a 10% cut of your revenues but you get to keep your masters, your publishing and all the rights to your music. We asked a couple of artists to test the app for us and all their reactions were positive. The only thing to keep in mind is that musicians remain INDEPENDENT. This means that the app only puts your music on streaming platforms, but you cannot count on them to find venues for your tour, book interview sessions and handle your image. Even though the application also has a marketing tool that enables you to create promotional content, you remain in charge of all of that. Steve Stoute is a big name in the industry, and he managed to make partnerships with companies such as Apple, the NBA, Bose and much more to give you the opportunity to market yourself. This means that your music could be played at the next NBA game or at a Bose event. NLE Choppa is their biggest artist to this day. He remains independent but UM distributed his music and contributed to his rise to stardom.

Moreover, you will probably not make enough money to live off your streaming numbers in the beginning of your career. This is why people such as Chance The Rapper give out their music for free. The number one revenue generator for them is touring. If you manage to be booked at local shows, you will probably make more money than from Spotify, Napster or Apple Music. Therefore, we recommend you try UnitedMasters for distribution and work with a local manager to get shows.

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