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Snitches Get Stitches but What About Tekashi 69?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Ever since the beginning of rap, the culture of no-snitching has been an unwritten rule. A lot of artists from back then, and from nowadays, would rather die than tell on someone. Famous rappers such as Tupac, Lil Wayne, Jay Z and more have been in situations where they could have bent, folded or broke but not a single word has come out of their mouths. Do you guys believe that the unwritten rule is still applicable today or is it just a memory?

A couple of months ago, rapper Tekashi 69 had been arrested with fellow Nine Trey Blood members for participating in criminal activities. Prior to jail, the FEFE artist had built himself a reputation for having a "IDGAF" attitude. The tatted face yeller made it a habit to provoke the toughest dudes in the industry without fearing repercussions. However, it all backfired when 69 found himself facing a sentence of minimum 47 years and a maximum of life in prison. The life-threatening situation left the rapper with a complex dilemma. He could have either walked the talk by going to jail or taken the easy way out. To our "biggest suprise", and we mean "biggest surprise", the tough dude did not see himself spending 47 years in jail as he decided to testify against his former gang members.

When it was reported that sixnine decided to snitch, hiphop hardcore fans decided to cancel him and any artists that would later on collaborate with him. We all understood from there that he was portraying someone he is not and it ended up causing him his freedom. He always felt like everything in life was a game and maybe he was not wrong. If you think about it, Prison is like Harry Potter's Quidditch, the game ends when they catch the snitch. It seems like 69 understood it that way. The media seems to forget that Snitch Nine's former gang members used to assault him. It is a valid point that they keep "unconsciously" leaving out of the equation. In fact the tough dude used to be dragged like a rag doll by fellow gang members as he had been kidnapped and robbed to say the least.

Recently, Akon defended the rapper by saying that the culture of no-snitiching is not part of our generation and should therefore not have the same impact. However, a lot of music stans and artists disagree with his statement as they still live by the rules that were made by the pioneers of Hip Hop. As a result, LuxNation, we'd like to know what you would do if you were in 69's position? Make or Break?

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